Customers or Friends? How 'bout both!!

Want to hear one of the most interesting, surprising and enjoyable parts of this business and being someone's Avon Lady?  It's sharing life with your customers!  Becoming friends with them and getting to know them.

I have a customer that I called this morning.  I called to see if she had an order for me and when I called she shared with me what has been going on in her life and my goodness!   I am so happy and excited for her and feel so honored that she would share her news with me!

This lady has been my customer for several years.  She's shared with me stories, like the hilarious reactions of both of her adult sons upon learning that she had decided to get a tattoo.  She proudly showed me and explained the symbolic meaning of her dragonfly.  Then some time had passed and I hadn't heard from her for a month or two, knowing her husband was ill because she was doing her best to care for him.  I started to wonder and worry,  until I was able to catch her,  and she shared with me that he had passed on peacefully.  I listened to her talk about the death of her beloved husband of many years. She explained that in the middle of her sadness there was also relief because all of his pain and confusion was over.      

  After some time had passed, she was calling me again, missing her Avon.  Which brings me to this recent call,  sharing news of possible new beau.  She sounded excited and amused at the same time.  She shared with me how they had met.  She cracked a few jokes and we laughed and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Sounds like somebody might need some new lipstick.    

So, I not only share the products, but I get to share in their lives too.  I never ever expected any of this to happen.  I just thought it would be all about business and delivering orders and that's about it.  But oh no.  It's become so much more.  I love my customers.  I love finding them, keeping them happy and sharing with them.  I get to pick who I work with.  I don't have any grumpy, difficult customers!  

Now let me briefly mention what happens with fellow reps!  I have met such wonderful, inspiring helpful women in Avon.  Everyone has something to share, there's always something to learn.  Avon gives us guidelines and then we get lots of freedom to work the business how we want.  Don't want to go door to door?  Then focus your business online.  Don't like doing bazaars?  You don't have to.  Find an event you can set up your table at.  Or do a fundraiser for your best friend's daughter to raise $$ for their drill team.  Getting the word out that you are the local Avon lady is your job.  How you do it is up to you.  

Along the way you meet such wonderful people!   This business is for everyone.  You make money and have fun along the way!  It's just the best.

Now I'm off to follow up with my customer.  I'm pretty sure she might be needing some new perfume for her upcoming date night!  


Bronwyn ThompsonComment