M&M’s Story as told by Martha

It starts as we enter the year 2010…I could not find a job that offered me a set schedule, so I created my own…working 5 different jobs, one for each day of the week.  I had signed up to sell Avon in 2009 to help support our older sister, however, she soon left the business leaving me with no reason to take it seriously☹

I did some thinking and came up with…”Hey, Mary”, (the other half of M&M & my sister☺) “Why don’t you become my business partner, and maybe I can quit one or four of my jobs!?!?”  She took over a month to decide, but when she answered it was a serious face saying…”If we do this I want to learn as much, and do as much as it takes to be successful!”

We jumped in with all four feet…attending seminars & sales classes as well as meetings & rallies.  We hit our $10,100 in sales to achieve President’s Club by campaign 13.  Our beloved district manager, Gloria, told us about the President’s Club Gala.  We had never been to a ‘GALA’ before, so needless to say our excitement was over the moon.  That is until 2 minutes later when she explained because we are co-applicants only one of us could attend…”How would we choose???”  After our emotional up & down, she told us “If you can reach the $20,200 goal or Honor Society, by the end of the cycle, you can take a guest, so both of you can enjoy the recognition event!”  That was a no-brainer!

Because my sales stunk by myself in 2009, we earned a $17,000 increase for the year.  We were both shocked when Gloria asked us to take turns receiving our awards…” did she say "AWARDS???”  We were named “Top New Performer” for 2010, we achieved #1 for sales increase in our district, AND 3rd in division for sales increase!  (Back then there were close to 6000 reps in the division…wahoo!)

Every year since we have reached Honor Society. (Twice Rose Circle!)  I could never imagine attending the Gala without Mary, we both give 100% to the business while working full time J-O-B-S.  The great news…besides our successful Avon business now I only work ONE other job☺☺

 - Martha