Bronwyn's Story

With everyone and their mother selling direct products these days, I wanted to share with you why I chose Avon and why they continue to rise above the noise for me.

Back when I wanted to run a business, I knew I wanted to find some Direct sales company, but couldn't decide.   I had the Jewels by Park Lane wanting me to join, then later it was an aggressive Beauty Control lady.

In the meantime, Avon boxes were making an appearance on the doorstep.  I was shopping online with my Avon Lady, and I never purchased anything full price.  I loved shopping the outlets, I bought whatever makeup was on sale.  Every delivery to my door was like Christmas!  

One day my hubby asked me "What is that?"  I said "Oh, my Avon is here!".  Then he said, "You know Bron, why not just do this?  Even if you don't make a dime, you could at least get the discount."

At first I hesitated, he had and point...and I really wanted that discount. I had decided I needed to get serious about my skincare, and I already trusted  ANEW.  I like that Avon sold so many different things that you could find something that would make customers happy.  Don't wear makeup?  Well how bout some new slippers?  Allergic to fragrances?  Well, how bout some cute jewelry for your granddaughter?  Something for everyone.

The company has been around so long, I didn't have to worry about it disappearing.  I never had to explain to anyone what Avon was. I found more often than not after sharing that I'm an Avon lady to a stranger, they would share with me something nostalgic about their past reference with Avon in their lives.  Their mothers, aunts or grandmother's sold, and then they share what they remember about it.   There's an immediate connection, and I so appreciate them sharing their story with me!  They ask for a book, remark how long it's been since they've seen one, I get their number and we stay in touch.

I particularly love that Avon has a basic business model for you to follow, then they allow you a huge window of freedom to operate it your way.  There are no task masters on your back making sure you're booking your parties, hitting high numbers or pushing the latest and greatest promotion. It's your choice how much or little you'd like to work, or if you're just wanting that discount for yourself.  

Avon is a company where I can genuinely be myself and that allows me the freedom to connect with my clients on a personal and real level. I don't see them as dollar signs, but as my community that I can continue to serve and provide excellent customer service to. 

If this resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions about it. It's easy to join online, train online and create the life YOU have always wanted. I look forward to hearing from you!