Why Avon?

I knew I wanted to find some Direct sales company, but couldn't decide.   I had the Jewels by Park Lane wanting me to join in the 80’s , then later it was an aggressive Beauty Control lady who I couldn’t really say no to since I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I got good at hiding from.

Then years later, Avon boxes were making an appearance on the doorstep. I had decided I needed to get serious about my skincare, and I heard so much about Anew. I wanted to try it so I was shopping online with my Avon Lady. I always hated the intimidating white coats at the Clinique counter, and absolutely hated paying such a high price at Sephora or Ulta! But shopping online and shopping the outlets at the Avon webstore? I bought whatever I needed on sale., I never paid full price for anything, and it shipped right to my door!

One day my hubby asked me what is that?  I said oh my Avon is here.  Then he said, you know Bron, why not just do this?  Even if you don't make a dime, you could at least get the discount.

At first I hesitated,  but I really wanted that discount.  I liked that Avon sold so many different things that you could find something that would make customers happy.  Don't wear makeup?  Well how about some new slippers?  Allergic reaction to fragrances?  Well, how about some cute jewelry for your granddaughter?  Need some vitamins or some new spring slip ons? Something for everyone!

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The company has been around so long, I didn't have to worry about it disappearing.  I never had to explain to anyone what Avon is.  I found more often than not after sharing that I'm an Avon lady to a stranger, they would share with me something nostalgic about their past reference with Avon in their lives.  Their mothers, aunts or grandmother's sold, and then they share what they remember about it.   There's an immediate connection, and I so appreciate them sharing their story with me!  They ask for a book, remark how long it's been since they've seen one, I get their number and plan to call them soon.  

I particularly love that Avon has a business model for you to follow, then they allow you a huge window of freedom to operate it your way.  There are no task master's on your back. There are NO PARTIES to book!  It's your choice how much or little you'd like to work, or if you're just wanting that discount for yourself.  

Membership is a one time $30 fee, comes with a bundle of your choice. You decide if you want to sell to others and start earning or not. 40% off your first order. No need to go door to door - you can just do your Avon business online! Share the link to your store from your phone.

Free webstore and training for you.

Contact me for more info: avon.bthompson@gmail.com



Bronwyn Thompson