Your Book is Your Store

Want to hear about one of the first things I did wrong??  Let me tell you.

One of the very first things you hear is, you have to get your books out.   So I proceeded to purchase about 30 books.  I got my information on the back, then I walked around my neighborhood and left them on 30 doors.  Then I sat back and waited for the calls to roll in.

Know what happened?  Nothing.  So, another 30 books next campaign, another 30 houses.  One call.

I was happy with my call, she did place an order.  But serious doubt started creeping in.  What in the world was I doing wrong??  

Then I went to an Avon Christmas party and sat down next to a gal who was doing great and asked if I could pick her brain.  One of the first questions I asked many books do you buy per campaign?   Her answer, "Oh.  Um,  about 200."  I about fell off my chair.

Now she had a great system down.  She was established and had about 5 helpers. She gave each one of them about 30 books.  The rest she took for herself.  She had some racks set up in some restaurants, then the rest were for her customers.

Here's what I have found.  Things didn't start working for me until I started ordering 100 books.  Not each campaign, but between 60 to 100.  Then, the task was to get them out there, everywhere.   I started to take those current books and try to hand out to an actual person anywhere from 3-10 whenever I was out doing errands.  If you can't afford that yet, then use the outlet/sales flyers to get the word out.  Avon offers those at 10 for $1.25

Sometimes books started to accumulate and I would get info on them and take them out to apartments and "toss" them on people's doorsteps.  I only do this with old books now.  

Getting the word out and leaving them everywhere, doing some tossing and handing them out is how you get new customers.  Ask friends to take your books to their work.  Leave them at the doctor's office.  Ask a local restaurant if you can leave them in a rack in the waiting area.  Leave them in stalls in the lady's room.  

 It takes time and patience.  Unless you work at a huge office building or you have an enormous circle of family and/or friends, this is how you do it.  Your book is your store and if you have no books to pass out, your store is closed!

Bronwyn Thompson