That Four Letter Word

Recently I've had two different responses when the subject of Avon came up.  Both saying almost exactly the same thing:  "I can't sell"  or "I could never sell"  

I used to think that same way!!  It almost prevented me from starting with Avon!  In fact, I believe one of the first things out of my mouth was "I'm not going to sell to anybody"

Do you want to know the secret??  The truth is, I really don't sell it.  What I do is,  I look for people that already want Avon, like it, would like to try it.  I don't approach grumpy people,  those that seem to be having a bad day/year/life.  I'm out there actually looking for people that already love it, and have lost their Avon lady,  or would like an Avon lady, or if they are not Avon lovers, would they like to try a sample or take book.

Now, if the answer is no thank you, then I'm done.  I am not going to try to sell to them, or change their minds, or try to get  them stop and rethink that answer they already gave me.  Someone who has already told me no, they're not interested at all, that's fine.  Onto the next person.    And this is the key.  

I also like to think of it as not selling, but sharing Avon.  Handing out a book.  Sharing a sample.  

Have you ever seen a wonderful movie over the weekend and Monday morning you are telling coworkers about it?  Recommending it to them to go see it?  That is sharing....or if you want to say that four letter word, sell.  You just just "sold" them on that great movie, and you don't even realize it!  That is exactly what I do with Avon products, and sharing the business. 

The only difference is, with Avon, you get a perk for sharing.  You get a new customer, or you get a new team member.   So maybe that little four letter word "Sell" is not such a bad thing!  It all depends on how you look at it!