First Steps to Success

There are a lot of ladies who join who never take the time to click around online and familiarize yourself with your new Avon website. This is where your are going to be entering your orders, watching videos, and paying for your Avon order.   Please spend some time to see where everything is.  It's so important!  The more familiar you are, the less scary the website is.

First, memorize your account number and password.  You'll need it every time you log on.  Try to log onto your website everyday, and click everywhere to see where it takes you.  You can always click on Home if you can't find your way back.   

Next, be sure and watch the Avon University videos.   They answer many questions you may have.  Each one takes between 9 to 15 minutes.   While you are waiting for your kit to arrive in the mail, take advantage of the online training Avon provides for you.  I recently re-watched the ones for new reps and I think they are informative and helpful.  Then once your kit arrives, go through the Getting started with Avon booklet.  If you're local, I'll be calling you to set up a time we can do some training.  Not all new reps take me up on this offer!   I hope that you will!  

  If you click on the link to join here,  I'll be your upline, and I'm going to do all I can to meet with you, train you and answer questions.  If you're not close to me, we can train over the phone or on facebook. I want to help you get started.  I think starting is the hardest part.  It was certainly true for me.  It's invaluable to have someone to help you along the way, bounce ideas off of, and ask questions. 

My advice for newbies is don't skip these steps!  I promise you, you'll be a more successful rep if you do. I'll have more extensive entries where I explore certain parts of the rep website and show you how I use them in my Avon business, so stay tuned!